News: IDDSI framework for texture modified foods due to be implemented in Australia May the 1st 2019

With the new standards for the IDDSI – (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) due to be implemented by the 1st May 2019 there may be confusion with the new food and liquid testing methods and new numbering system.

It certainly is a lot to get your head around!

The great news is that Ranahans Special Diets is here to help you maintain your Best Practice standards with our range of texture modified meals and desserts.

All our texture modified products are IDDSI compliant.

Our ready-made meals are available in IDDSI Level 5 ( Mince Moist) and IDDSI Level 4 (Smooth Pureed).

We have a range of range of protein components (meat and fish servings) which allow you to create your own meals. All these are available in Mince Moist, Soft Pureed and now in IDDSI Level 6 (Soft & Bite Sized).

Our vegetable components are available in Soft Pureed and we also offer a range of Soft Pureed Desserts.

Check out the new food testing methods from the IDDSI here.

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