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Now in its 28th year, our company Ranahans Fine Foods is recognized for its excellence in food service and product development. Our product ranges set the standard for quality and innovation and our new range of Texture Modified Meals and Desserts continues this standard.

Meals & Desserts specifically made for dysphagia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, cerebral palsy and stroke sufferers.

Our texture modified range provides appetising soft and pureed food for people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). Because of the high risk of choking, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia, dysphagia can be a serious threat to the health of sufferers which can include people with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, cerebral palsy and stroke.

Psychological wellbeing can also deteriorate, with many sufferers experiencing anxiety during mealtimes, and growing isolation if they start to avoid eating with others. Our delicious meals and desserts allow these sufferers to be able to dine with dignity.

We only use the best ingredients when creating our meals sourcing 95% of ingredients locally within Victoria. Our chefs work in conjunction with speech pathologists to ensure our products are perfect for dysphagia sufferers.

We also fortify our meals and components with additional dairy and protein so our meals are nutritionally balanced as well as taste delicious. These are ideal for people with reduced appetites ensuring they receive the nutrition and energy for good health, even if only eating part of the meal.

what our customers are saying…

  • I was so surprised the first time I tried serving a special diets meal to one of our patients. She usually only eats a very small amount but this time, she finished her plate and asked for seconds! You could have knocked me down with a feather.

    Melinda Carthright Nurse
  • After Bill had his stroke I would spend a lot of time pureeing his meals for him. Now I simply order a selection from Special Diets and it's delivered to our door. Much easier for me and it tastes really good.

    Harriet Thornton Wife of stroke sufferer
  • Since we have introduced the Special Diets range our residents are showing more interest in meal times which has  boosted their health and morale. We've also recorded a significant reduction food waste.

    Arthur Patterson Procurement Aged Care Facility Melbourne

Over 50% of aged care residents are malnourished…

People react to standard aged care food - and then texture modified meals...

family business

We are a 3rd generation Australian family-owned business and we are passionate about what we do!

locally sourced ingredients

98% of all our ingredients are Australian grown, preferably sourced from Victoria where possible.

delicious range

We pride ourselves on having an exciting range of dishes to make meal times interesting again.

affordable prices

From meals starting at just $9.50 each and desserts at just $4.50 per serve, we are so proud to offer delicious fortified food at affordable prices.

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